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Oct 19

Online Dating Message #7

I love all kinds of women. I think without women man could not live. But what they say is true “Cant live with them But we cant live without them” lol what i mean by this is just sometimes ladys y’all get alil crazy.

But these are the kinds i like the most:
I am into Red heads alot:) My first lady ever was a red head:)
Also gotta love the white girls.
I do love the Latina’s too… Aint nothing finer then a nice Latin woman
I have only dated 2 or 3 black women and they are cool
I have only dated 1 or 2 Asian’s sorry ladys just not into Asian’s
I dont date women taller then me that would be alil weird but its always good to try new things but if you’re 5’3 and under you perfect size for me.

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